About Us

Webmen is an Australian website design, development and hosting company whose objective is to ensure that every Australian business has a prescence on the internet.

As a result of the internet currently 75% of consumers looking to purchase a product or service begin their purchase journey online and only 18% of consumers commence their purchase journey in-store.

What this means is that if you do not have an online presence you are losing out on up to 75% of new sales. In order for businesses to be successful in the modern world they must focus much more on customer pathways and consider how people actually get to buy a product or service.

If you run a bricks and mortar business, be it a product or a service, you need to use the web to attract consumers. Furthermore, if you do not have a website and your competitor does you are at a distinct disadvantage.

The first website was published in the early 1990’s and since that time astonishingly only around half of all Australia businesses have a website. That means that 50% of all businesses are ignoring the reality that the majority of purchases are now made as a result of online activity. Businesses that do not have a digital presence are far more likely to fail.

Businesses must have a website. Webmeb.com.au can do this for you simply, easily and affordable.